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6 months in….

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Well its been almost 6 months since my last post, or should I say , My Introduction. I wanted to inform you all , that i didnt want to write

anything until i felt confident enough to say, “Yes this works” and then come and inform you in my findings, about how life works.

Nooooooo, im not some kind of expert, i think we can all figure it out, all we need is a way. Each of us will someday figure it out, but why the hell wait? So what makes me so special? Why is it i feel i figured it out?

You know, Life….Well its because ive been testing it, well testing the ways in seeing and working with Life. And ive seen amazing results in just 6 months.

I have come a long way since my first post. I was in a path of enlightment, i was excited, scared, but i had no other choice. I was fired from work, and my opportunity to live life and do what i wanted to do, became a reality.

I will explain later on how I faced any obstacles, how I focused, and how I’ve accomplished everything i’ve set forth month by month. And believe me when i say, I asked, and I received,

and the more better im at it, like practicing my methods as second nature, helped things happen even faster…..

All i want to share with you at the moment, is currently im still in the discovery lane. Im in a trial and error phase still, but almost in full bliss. I

learnt to remove myself from things that make me unhappy, and i am also reading a lot, something ive never really done before. Ive started to listen to

my gutt feeling , The Subconscious mind? call it what you want, im talking about that little voice you can hear in your belly, but you keep on ignoring it all these years. You know you have.

Anyways, i will get back to you with more details once I’ve completed a few more things I’ve set forth.

I have understood that nothing is by chance, luck , or coincedence. The name The Autobiography is not a name i came up with by

luck. There is a deep meaning on how it came about, but i wont explain till later on. Again, there is a reason im not sharing now, you will thank me later.

So stay tuned, i will share with you in the highest detail as possible on how you yourself can do just about anything you want, but it all starts with that

urge to find out more….and when you start digging, you’ll be finding out
things you cant even imagine. I havent tapped in my true power just yet, but i will, and i feel i know how, its all coming in due time…i promise.

Be grateful for all, stay positive, stay strong , do what you love, listen to your gutt feeling, be good to others, stay away from negativity, be happy πŸ™‚


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