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Affiliate Marketing : Jerry Shared How He Started Making Money Online

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2004. A lot of good things begun in that year…


Facebook was officially established in February 2004. Google IPO took place on August 19, 2004. Yahoo! Mail bumped up its free email storage to 1 GB (thanks to GMail). Apple Inc. unveiled the iMac G5 in November 2004, the world’s thinnest desktop computer.

  1. There were plenty of demands for this product based on my search studies; and
  2. Satellite TV dealers were paying $80 – $120 per sale at the time.

That’s me in the white circle. You can’t see it in my poker face but I felt extremely proud to be able stand alongside with these WordPress experts and entrepreneurs

marketers at WHSR

I visited Interserver HQ and had great pleasure meeting Michael, founder and CEO of Interserver. Photo taken in one of Interserver’s data center, August 2016

Screenshot of advertisers at

  • Network Earnings = How much advertisers are paying compared to overall. Higher Network Earnings often means there are more affiliates in the program.
  • 3 month EPC = Average earning per 100 Clicks for the last 90 days – which indicates the long term profitability of an affiliate program;
  • 7 day EPC = Average earning per 100 clicks for the last 7 days – which tells if the product is a seasonal product.

Screenshot from

whsr Traffic stats from 2014 - 2017: Rebuilding WHSR from scratch at

  1. You are not in the right niche,
  2. You are not getting enough targeted traffic,
  3. You are not promoting the products correctly,

10 Secrets of Making Money Online


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