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StreamLivve Review – Stream Live & Profit from 8 Social Media Platforms Live or Prerecorded Videos

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STREAMLIVVE – a brand new software that allows you to broadcast live on multiple platforms bringing more views, and a ton of traffic. Have you heard of new announcement from Facebook – “Facebook is prioritizing live video over everything else”.? 80% of brand audiences would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82% prefer live video over social posts. And, let me tell you this traffic source is growing really fast.

Simply put, a live stream is a conversation that you have with your audience. Connect with them in real time, answer their questions and provide solutions in person. Live streams are the highest form of engagement that you can have on social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin or Youtube and are rewarded with significantly higher reach than any other form of content. This translates to massive increase in conversions.

Even though Live Streaming isn’t new, very few marketers are taking advantage of its potential. Here’s why?

It’s not possible to live stream on multiple platforms at once
Fear or discomfort of being live on-screen
Inability to attract targeted traffic to live streams
After a thorough research, Dan Ashendorf and Jonathan Oshevire have come up with an easy solution for all of those who want to leverage the raw power of live streaming. Finally, there’s an all inclusive software system that makes live streaming so much more easy to do and earn more money.


You can share a Live Video or Recorded Video on 8 different Platforms. From inside one dashboard, you’ll be able to:

Grab free, highly engaging FB traffic and maximize your reach to over 2 billion active users
Convert views into leads on YouTube by providing solutions to problems of more than 1.5 billion users
Connect with business decision makers on LinkedIn – the largest professional network
Sell your offers in front of targeted viewers on authority blogs
Promote your live stream link on Twitter
Increase your email open rates and conversions by live stream on emails
Watch my review of Streamlivve.

Streamlivve [Review] Unleashes The Power of Live Traffic to 8 social media platforms, resulting in massive traffic, leads and sales

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