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DPAPA – Living a flip flop life!

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Today I’m proud to announce my official website  has been completed.


Took me almost a little over a month, with many hours dedicated to learning the art of blogging,

while at the same time…Making money out of it.


Please do have a look, It might interest some of you “bloggers” out there.


Sharing is caring! Would love to hear your feedback as well.


Its amazing to see my journey, start from “The Autobiography” Blog, which i started for some weird reason.  And now I see how I’ve evolved within a year after losing my 9-5 job, which made me find myself, rediscover my options, and finally get on  path I really believe in.


This is it.


Online Marketing is my Dream.  Affiliate marketing is my Dream Job.  Blogging as a life style and is my desire. 


This will bring me closer to my own perception of freedom.  The freedom to work from anywhere in this world!  I have plans, I want to travel the world, and I will.


Thank you for backing me up, I really want to be an inspiration to others, and help others in my situation and how they can overcome!


Thank you! Thank you , and Thank you again!


Hope you enjoy!

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